In 15 years of directing the Convocations program at Snow College, Amberley’s presentation received the highest evaluations. I’m happy to hear she is continuing to encourage students to perform at the highest level. I highly recommend her.

Steve Peterson
Director of Convocations
Snow College
Ephraim, UT

In April of 2011, Amberley Snyder gave a convocation speech to the students of Snow College. Her topic was overcoming obstacles. Her story, her presentation, and her information were very inspirational for all who attended. I was so impressed with Amberley and her story that I got a copy of the convocation and it has become a vital part of my leadership class at Snow College. Amberley’s communication skills are very professional and impressive. The students in my class have been positively affected by the things that she has taught them with her story. I have continued my friendship with Amberley since she has left Snow College and she is an inspiration to many people with her rodeo and bowling skills. The attribute that Amberley has that is most important to me is her positive attitude. It is my belief that your thoughts determine your attitude, your attitude determines your behavior and that your behavior determines the results you get out of life. Amberley has a great attitude, and presents her inspirational story marvelously. I would highly recommend Amberley to anyone who needs a positive adjustment to their attitude.

Bob Trythall
Department Chair Physical Education
Snow College
Ephraim, UT

I’ve known Amberley since our days in high school rodeo. Even then, she was a girl who drew others to her because of her spirit, positive attitude, and strength. Those things have only been magnified as she has taken on life’s challenges and overcame them. She is a role model to all those around her and the true persona of what it means to be cowgirl tough. Her story is one that can reach and inspire all who hear it!

Chenae Shiner
Miss Rodeo America 2013

Amberley is poised, professional, positive, and effective. Our group of two hundred was completely captivated by her sincerity and passion. Her presentation was instantly powerful: she left an impact for good on all of us who had the privilege to spend the afternoon with her. Near the end of our multi-day event, many of the youth recalled Amberley as their favorite part of the week. Her ability to relate with various age groups and interests was most impressive. Thank you, Amberley, for your courage in sharing your inner strength. In doing so, you allow and encourage others to reach for similar strength within themselves.

Hilary Kennedy
Kemmerer Wyoming Stake Camp Director

Amberley was paramount in boosting morale and inspiring each of us to reach our business goals. Her energy, passion, and life-changing story not only made a large impact within the walls of our organization, they created great change in everybody’s personal lives.

Andrew Siddoway
Corporate Development Specialist
C.R. England

As a kick off to Red Ribbon Week, Amberley was a guest speaker for the Delta High School student body on October 28, 2013. I have had the opportunity to hear several individuals speak throughout my career. I can honestly say, I believe Ms. Snyder is one of the top speakers for a high school audience. She is an engaging speaker, who draws the attention of the audience almost immediately, and holds their attention for the entire 45 minute presentation. High school students don’t always make an easy audience. However, as I listened to Ms Snyder speak, I watched our students. They were focused on her message, and unusually quietly paying attention.Several of our students have challenges with which they are struggling. As Ms Snyder’s message was Overcoming Obstacles, our students were able to relate to her and the challenges she has faced and continues to face in her own life. It was good for them to see that when a person is faced what initially seems like an insurmountable situation, with the right attitude and desire, they can overcome the difficulties, and eventually even turn it into a positive experience. Thank you,

Susan B. Mork, MS
Delta High School
Delta, UT

Amberley Snyder has had a life altering experience that would be extremely difficult for anyone to recover from physically and emotionally. Not only has Amberley recovered but has embraced and excelled in her knew reality. She has a great story to share about hope and never giving up which resonates very well with young people. She is a great example of what a person can overcome and still succeed. She inspires, motivates and delivers a great presentation.

Shad Stevens
American Leadership Academy

Amberley Snyder is a wonderful motivational speaker. We had her speak to 50 families during our summer regional meeting. She held the attention of the kids and the adults, had a great message, and made it fun. After the meeting she hung around and signed autographs for another hour. Everyone loved her. What an inspirational message!

Todd Danley
Edward Jones Investments
Financial Advisor

As CEO of the Utah Farm Bureau Federation, I have the pleasure of working with wonderful high school and college age leaders in agriculture. Amberley’s leadership skills and personality set her apart when I first worked with her as an FFA officer and later as our State FFA President. The devastating accident that paralyzed her from the waist down didn’t break her spirit it focused her resolve to achieve her life’s goals. She has set herself apart excelling academically at Utah State University while continuing her dream of competing in college rodeo. Utah Farm Bureau, at our Mid-Year Conference, had the opportunity of hearing Amberley’s unique and inspiring story of overcoming challenges. Her presentation was the highlight of our annual gathering! You’ll both laugh and cry as you become a part of Amberley’s story.

Randy Parker
Utah Farm Bureau Federation